• Welcome to Dealing With Depression

    by Published on 08-02-12 01:33 PM

    Welcome to the new look Dealing with Depression forum.

    This forum has been created by people who understand what it is like living with depression be it yourself or a loved one. None of us are professionals, but we all have our own experiences and we won't judge you.

    Depression does not affect one particular "type" of person. It doesn't only affect the rich and famous or the poor it can and does affect anyone. Having depression does not make you weak, it just means that you have been dealing with things on your own for too long. Don't continue to do so, we can help you in the way that you are able to deal with your depression. We will support you as much as we can.

    We do have some rules:

    • We cannot and will never try to replace a qualified medical team.
    • We cannot and never will offer 1:1 support - if you need that then please call the Samaritans or dial 999 (or your local emergency services number) in an emergency
    • Please read the registration agreement in full BEFORE you agree to it.
    • Whilst we acknowledge self harm and suicidal thoughts, we ask you to respect every members right not to read about it, so ask you to add a **trigger warning** to any threads regarding these topics